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Written by Justin Libigs   
Saturday, 07 July 2007 09:54


"Relatively Haunted" is a project started by paranormal investigator Justin Libigs. This project was set up to investigate how a family bond can have an effect on paranormal activity. The facts are most cases are reported by familes experiencing  activity. Justin noticed threw years of investigating that not only can people feel the energy of ghosts but ghosts can feel our energy as well. It seemed that activity was more willing to manifest in the presents of people with closer ties and bonds. Think about it. Would you want to hang out in a room where the people where more comfortable with one another or less comfortable? Ghosts are people too and react the same as we would. A mistake some investiagtors often make is treating a ghost like an experiment. Kind of like poking a caged animal with a stick. How would you like to be treated? This team can go into a home and more or less replace the family that is there with our own to see if the activity will react the same. This way we can know exactly what a family is experiencing.

Does it cost anything? Our services are free. Why do we do this? We do this because anyone can have a paranormal problem but not everyone can afford the help they need. Helping our clients is our top priority. You can contact us for more information.


We also offer different internet shows featuring our investigations and offering advice and helping to answer questions. Check out the Web Episodes tab at the top of the page.

When we are not helping a client or working on any projects, we like to investigate some of the most haunted locations in the country. You see we all believe in the paranormal, we just don't believe a story until we get to check it out ourselves.

Relatively Haunted... It's More Than Just Ghosts. 



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