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Heather "Paige" Durkee



Born March 16th 1984 

 (Suzie's Daughter, Justin's Cousin)



Team Investigator


    Her mother Suzie Ford and father divorced when she was only 4 years old. After the divorce Suzie moved back to Illinois to be with her family. Paige stayed in California with her father and grandparents. For the next 16 years after, she moved all around California with her father. During that time came her little brother and sister. She helped her father raise them until she was 20.


    At the age of 20 she met her former boyfriend and got an apartment in San Diego. She then (following her love for animals) became a dog groomer. It was also at this time that she started ghost hunting on the side. She devolped an interest in the paranormal after having an experience at the age of 3 when she saw spirits flying in a circle over her bed.


    When she turned 24 she moved to Nebraska where she stayed until she came to visit her family in Wisconsin. She then realized that this is where she wanted to be and what she wanted to do.


    Everything about the "unknown" fascinates her. She wanted to learn and discover as much as she possibly could, and being really big on family joining the team was the obvious choice. She thinks its incredible that she's able to do what she loves and be with the family at the same time. She feels the paranormal has been around her whole life, but she noticed it was always stronger when she's with her family.


    Her other interests includes storm chasing and watching a good lightening storm on the porch. She also likes to write and just lay under the stars, camping, fishing, traveling and pretty much anything outdoors that involves getting dirty!



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