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Written by Justin Libigs   
Friday, 25 June 2010 06:07


 Dartford Cemetery





    The family has investigated the legendary Dartford Cemetery three times. It's located in Green Lake, WI and is close to home and our hearts. This cemetery has a lot of forklore and has been popular sinced it aired on a TV show. The cemetery since then has been vandalized and much damaged has been done and for what? Do people really get pushed off of the mausoleum? Not in our experience. How about the reports of shadow people? The cemetery has lots of people shaped headstones that can appear like shadow people in the dark. Glowing headstones? Nope, most of the headstones are covered in a moss that glows and headstones seem to reflect headlights from passing cars. Lets face it, the cemetery is on a highway. How about your feet being grabbed? Lots of soft ground and gopher holes. Watch Episode 5 of "Relatively Haunted" to see the damage that can be caused because of a TV show.



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