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Monday, 15 February 2010 06:29


Suzie Ford



 Born January 6th 1965

(Justin’s Aunt, and Judy's Sister)



Team Investigator



    Suzie grew up in Illinois. At the age of 14 do to family problems, her sister Judy gained custody of Suzie.


    On December 22nd 1993, she lost her best friend when her youngest sister Tracy died. Suzie then suffered another loss a few months later. Suzie’s mother had a heart attack and died. This has led her to having a glass half empty mentality on life. This being said, she is very humorous and is like a runaway child gone wild. But don’t be fooled, she is always on a mission.


    She now lives in a Wisconsin home and loves her cats as if they were her children. Her deceased sister’s daughter Kysa has now moved from California closer to family. This has been a blessing to Suzie making her feel closer to her now gone sister.


    She is one of the investigators on the team. Suzie has lived in many haunted homes over the years. So many in fact, that she is starting to wonder if she’s the one haunted and not the homes she lives in.



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