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Written by Justin Libigs   
Sunday, 29 January 2012 01:06

Jennifer Shales



Team Investigator



   Months after graduating high school she moved out of her parents house and moved to Southern Illinois to "be an adult".  One very abusive relationship, two kids and 4 years later she moved back up to Lake County, IL to start over.  Jennifer met Greg when she was 25. Greg had rented an apartment from her where she was a Leasing Consultant.  He asked Jennifer out to dinner the day he signed his lease.  She told him she was not allowed to date residents and he told her he doesn't want free rent he just wants to take her to dinner.  They didn't go to dinner but a friendship was born.  Six months later he was moving out of the complex and asked Jennifer to dinner again.  This time she said yes without hesitating.  Thier relationship lasted 10 years but they split up because she was too stubborn to tell him what was wrong.  When they split Jennifer not only lost the love of her life, I lost her best friend.



They had out "insanity years" as their friends and family caledl it for 6 years.  They both were married and divorced during that time.  Realizing how much she loved and missed Greg, she found him and thery rekindled what they once had.  Jennifer says the way they are connected is hard to explain but anyone that sees them together can see it or hear it because they say alot of things at the same time. They have now married and are looking forward to spending the rest of their lives together.



Jennifer have always had an interest in the paranormal and has always been curious about it.  Greg introduced her to the Relatively Haunted family and they all welcomed her with open arms.  Helping the spirit world communicate and letting them know we are here to help them, talk with them, and not hurt them is very important to Jennifer.



It will be interesting to see how Greg's and Jennifer's relationship effects paranormal activity.



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