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Written by Justin Libigs   
Friday, 19 February 2010 08:20



"Ghost Ethics"






    Ghost ethics is something my team firmley believes in and practices. Now, what is ghost ethics you might ask. Well simply put ghost are people too. They might not have a psychical body anymore but they still have all the same thoughts and feelings as anyone else. Also just like you and me, sometimes they need help.


    Make sure to speak to them with respect. Don't be rude or mean to them. Talk to them the way you would like to be talked to. Also treat the location with respect as well. Sometimes the spirit is there because they loved it in life. They wont like you messing with it. You wouldn't walk into someones home and start yelling at them and saying hurtful things while damaging thier home or stealing something from it would you? It's no different.


    Sometimes ghosts are unable to leave a location and people come in, ask it to do things to get evidence, and just leave. It's really no different than poking a caged animal with a stick. What did they do to really help the situation? In some cases there are things you can do to help spirits to pass. If you can, then do so. I'm not going to go into how, that's up to your spiritual journey to discover.


    Now all that being said and done, never forget rule number one. The needs of the client come first. Never forget that.


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