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Tuesday, 20 December 2011 04:10



This is a paranormal show that combines a ghost hunting show with a family

reality show. Think of it as "The Osbournes" meets "Ghost Hunters". Relatively

Haunted...It's more than just ghosts...We're family!




Show Trailer


 Trailer by: Peter Zasuly




Season 1


Episode 1: "Meet the Family"

Episode 2: "The Addiction"

Episode 3: "Waverly Hills"

Episode 4: "Bringing A Family Together"

Episode 5: "It's More Than Just Ghosts"

Episode 6: "It's All About Family"

Episode 7: "The Emanuelson Inn"

Episode 8: "Don't Get Attached"

Episode 9: "Save The Walker House"

Episode 10: "Emanuelson Inn The 2nd Investigation" Part 1




Season 2


Episode 11: "Emanuelson Inn The 2nd Investigation" Part 2

Episode 12: "The Kenosha Theatre"



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